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Getting Ready

Posted by Rachel Williams on March 31, 2014 with No Comments

I have to admit I have really had a lot of fun getting ready for these babies.  We don’t know if it will be one or twenty during the time we will be able to help.   We pray that each little life we have a chance to show Christ to will never be the same.  

That we do all we can, while we can.

So got an awesome deal on these and can’t wait to use them.

stroller 2

Pack -n- Play!!!

Pack -n- Play!!!


Surprise package!!

Posted by Rachel Williams on March 15, 2014 with No Comments

So we got this awesome box from our friends Cliff and Mona today.  What a surprise!!!  It was so amazing that  everything that I pulled out of the box was something I still needed to get.  Thank you guys for the wonderful box of goodies and for wanting to be a part of this with us. 

Love the blankets!!





God knows

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So there is a great story to us getting the crib and changing table in the nursery I would like to share.  We were trying to decide on a design and color  and wow the cost.  So after much looking I found a sleigh crib and changing table on craigslist ,and it fit with in the money I had available to spend.  Went a couple of towns over to look at it and took a friend.  They offered a wooden restaurant highchair to us for free if we wanted it.  I like things free, so of course I said yes.  I thought cool I came to get a crib and get a free highchair.  So we looked at the bed and although it wasn’t my ideal color of wood it was in excellent condition and a good deal.  Before I could tell the guy I wanted it, he said if you want it it’s yours.  I had to make sure I understood him and yes he was giving it to me with the changing table and the highchair.  I couldn’t help but think that God knows my pocket book and what I can afford and he blessed me beyond that.  So there I was,  so amazed that God had saved a  free crib, changing table and  highchair for us to use with these babies.  Thank you God, you are so good to us.


changing table



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  So we decided that the best way to make the nursery as easy to use as possible is to keep it neutral. I fell in love with the gray/yellow/white color scheme and so it is. The chevron pattern is our primary print with a few to coordinate. It is a work in progress, but […]

To be loved

Posted by Rachel Williams on March 3, 2014 with Comments Closed

So here are a few pictures of the gifts that we received at the shower. Thank you to all our family and friends that wanted to be a part of this with us. We look forward to using all of these with the babies!!