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So Blessed

Posted by Rachel Williams on February 15, 2014 with No Comments

God has blessed me tremendously in my life.  Besides Kevin, my sister Sarah is my dearest friend.  We shared with our family and friends back home in Arkansas at Christmas about what we felt God was leading us to do. They were all so excited and supportive to us.

Sarah wanted to do an online shower to help us with some stuff.  She is so creative and built a website for the shower with games and all kinds of fun stuff to give opportunity for everyone to get on and have fun.  It will run for two weeks and is awesome.  In some of the following post you will see some of the gift we received.  I often find myself feeling overwhelmed by the love that is shown to us.  It is so awesome to have friends and family want to be apart of what we are doing.

May God richly bless you guys.

Knock Knock

Posted by Rachel Williams on February 13, 2014 with No Comments

So after much thought and prayer Kevin and I decided that we would start down this road we felt God leading us.

This was mid-October 2013 and so we started all the paperwork required and was told we were next on the list.

We went thru the holidays  and knew that it would be after the first of the year at the earliest that we would here about anything.

All the women that are in the local county jails are kept there thru the holidays and are then transferred to the state prison.  There is on average 1400 women in prison in Pennsylvania at any given time.  There is an average of 10-15% of those women that come into prison pregnant. Most have family to care for the child while in prison, but there are some that don’t.

The mom then has a choice to place the child in foster care or to have it cared for by a Christian family.

So as we wait, we are praying for God to place us with the mom and child that he want us to help.

Can’t wait to see what is behind the door that we are knocking at!!



What a difference a day can make

Posted by Rachel Williams on February 2, 2014 with No Comments

What a difference a day can make!

It was just a ride over to Williamsport for Kevin to look at a job, and he decided to have lunch with a friend on our way home.  I had never met Myron before but had sure enjoyed hearing Kevin talk about how God placed him in his life.

At lunch Myron shared with us about his family and the new addition. As his story of receiving little Anna into their home and life started to unfold, my heart started squeezing.  Myron and his wife Courtney had taken in a baby girl when she was just 2 days old because her mom was in prison and had no family to take care of her baby.  The mom had chosen for her to be raised by a Christian family instead of foster care. Squeeze Squeeze

I felt it was God saying for the next few days, “Here is a road I have for you, will you take it?”